About us

AFOR for Association Française ORL et Ronchopathie or ENT and Ronchopathy French Association

AFOR is a non-profit organization, created in 2005 by ENT.

It aims at the scientific development of the care of the destructive respiratory illnesses of the sleep by ENT and by extension to promote:

  • The new surgical techniques used in the treatment of the pathology of the SAOS and the snore
  • The good practice of the positive pressure ventilation
  • The alternative treatments in particular the mandibular advancement devices
  • The techniques of positive and differential diagnosis of the SAOS and its treatment
  • The good practice of care of the children snoring


Since 2009, the AFOR contributes to the exchanges and to the sharing of experiences between practitioners by meeting them every year thanks to the organization of a congress: the SOMNOFORUM

At present, the AFOR has for objective to federate the international practitioners and to develop the exchanges of the knowledge and the techniques thanks to the developments:

  • Of a system of digital communication: a forum of exchange of files and discussions
  • Of applications for smartphones

Our pride: Our association is the first French association of ENT which was born for the care of the destructive respiratory illnesses of the sleep and is the association which federates most practitioners thanks to the quality of Somnoforum

The AFOR still needs you and your support. The road is long but our current organizational base is strong and recognized!

Dr Abedipour & Dr El Chater